Architectural Design Ideas

Space • Shape • Details


This space has interesting angles, depths, beautiful materials, thoughtful moldings, and lighting.  It is inviting and comfortable before any furniture or additional decorating is added.  Don't forget to consider the esthetic value of moldings. Moldings and lighting are the jewelry of your home.  

Balance and Variety


Consider incorporating different colors, contrast, textures, and materials that will work together to hold the interest of your eye.  These details help create the mood and feel you desire. Attention to these details will move the design from flat and unvaried to interesting and lively.

Balance and Proportion


A good combination of shapes, repetition of shapes, varying depths, a focal point, good proportions, thoughtful landscaping, and attention to detail will assure this home will stand out for decades to come.



It is important that solid design principles are applied from the foundation all the way up to the roof peak. 

Lines and Flow


Looking at this home is like looking at a great painting, it is captivating. The eye flows effortlessly from roof line to roof line, from texture to texture, and the repeating shapes direct the sight to a inviting focal point.  Welcome home, come inside; relax and be comfortable.

Function and Accurate Decisions


You will be able to make decisions with greater confidence with the help of our advanced 3-D technology.  You will also be able to view 3-D images of rooms, including furniture layout, so you can be assured the room will function as you desire.

Texture and Durability


This is a modern take on a classic design. Repeating shapes, varying depths, combination of textures, and attention to detail create a warm and inviting home that will bring joy and satisfaction every time you come home.